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The '32 Steel 5 Window Body

From USD$25,999.00

For many hot rodders, no prewar platform is more sought-after than the 'Deuce Coupe'—Ford's two-door 1932 5-Window phenomenon.

Trouble is, after 84 years, getting your mitts on one (much less an example worth building around) can be challenging even for the avid scrapyard dog. Fortuitously, the fine folks from United Pacific Industries in California took it upon themselves to set about recreating a piece of automotive history.



United Pacific's 1932 Ford 5-window coupe bodies are built with quality in mind. Beginning with steels of equal or greater thicknesses as the original, each panel is stamped on handcrafted permanent steel dies to ensure every detail is preserved. They are then coated in EDP (Electro Deposit Primer) inside and out, ensuring they're as authentic as the originals. Complete hardwood assemblies are included and pre-installed for you. Car buffs know that 1932 Fords revolutionized the auto industry, making the powerful flathead V8 engine available for the masses. With these bodies, you're restoring a true piece of American history.


Also offered is a complete range of body panels and parts for those of you restoring an original car.


Click the Grille Shell to view the United Pacific '32 Body Brochure.


Click the United Pacific logo for a build list of what's included in the package. Firewall not included in the body package.


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