We ship almost all of our products to NZ via shared car containers out of Kiwi Shipping in Los Angeles, California. They also offer airfreight services if you require your parts urgently.

Depending on the container loading schedule, we advise clients that you allow at least 4-6 weeks for products to arrive. This allows time for product to be loaded in the USA, then sea travel to NZ and then approx 10-12 business days for processing and unload here in Auckland.

Please note due to Covid restrictions, shipping is taking longer than normal.

We like to make clients aware that US Customs will occasionally select random containers for unloading and checking prior to departing the US. This is to check for potential contraband, stolen goods/vehicles. This can delay a container by an extra 10-14 days.

Some of our lighter products such as Gauges, Wiring Kits etc we airfreight to NZ. Based on stock availability at the time, this can be a 3-4 week turnaround.