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Boling Bros new Finned Buick style Drums are made to work with their Hubs and original 1940 Hubs.

$850.00 each (GST incl.)

The Buick style, 45 fin brake drums come unpainted and unpolished, and have a 5 x 5-1/2" bolt pattern.  The center and braking surface is cast iron, and the outer ring is cast aluminum.  These work with Boling's reproduction 1940 Ford style hubs and all of Boling's Lincoln backing plate/brake kits with 2" shoes.


These can also be used with original 1940-1941 Ford front hubs by removing the original drum and studs, reaming the stud holes to .600, and installing Dorman 610-234 studs.


When using wire wheels, you will need to install a wire wheel support (part# 5000) between the wheel and drum.

15x5 pickup steel wheels will need at least a 1/4" spacer. On aftermarket steel wheels a maximum of 3 ¼ backspace can be used.

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