For 33 years now, Real Rodders Wheels have been the choice of discerning Rod owners searching for a traditional style wheel. The company’s reputation is well known for unrelenting quality control, as well as a dedication to providing sizes and designs aimed at the hot rodder wanting no compromises.

Produced using the finest materials and cast in one-piece castings, just as the famous vintage wheels we all remember from yesteryear, Real Rodders Wheels are now available in all of the popular original sizes and bolt patterns. They are show polished wheels made by one of the finest foundries in the world, then carefully packaged to protect them during shipping.

Now that you’re tired of antiseptic-looking billet wheels and welded-up copies of old old racing wheels, get the real thing! Real Rodders Wheels!

Contact us directly for a current quote on your chosen wheel style!

15 x 5.5 Sprint Spindle Mount - Cast

15 x 5.5 Sprint Spindle Mount - Polish

15 x 4.5 Smoothie Retro

16 x 8 Sprint - Cast

15 x 7 Sprint - Dow 7

15 x 10 Original Sprint

16 x 8 Original Sprint

16 x 7 Original Sprint

16 x 10 Original Sprint - Polish

15 x 14 Original Sprint - Polish

15 x 7 Halibrand 7011

15 x 10 Halibrand 7011

15 x 4.5 Small Kidney Bean

15 x 4.5 Small Kidney Bean

16 x 10 Small Kidney Bean

16 x 10 Smoothie Dow 7

16 x 10 Smoothie

15 x 9.5 427 Cobra